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A correct valuation is important

A free valuation which is reliable and coherent is the first step towards successfully selling your property! Get off to a good start by getting a free valuation from an experienced professional.

You want to sell your house, apartment or business? Deciding on the right selling price from the start is essential. Why?

  • Your property must fit in with market trends and needs to be valued correctly as soon as it is put up for sale.
  • If your selling price is too high the property will not sell therefore it is important not to overestimate it.
  • If the selling price drops significantly while a property is on the market it sends a very negative message to potential buyers.

We offer a free valuation (*) carried out with your interests in mind. We will provide you with a reliable price as well as advice on how to sell in complete confidence. Putting a property on the market calls for preparation, as well as a coherent strategy, so that both the seller and the buyer benefit from a positive conclusion to the transaction. We will monitor this in order to make your property sale easier and terminate the transaction in an acceptable timeframe, in keeping with the usual practices on the local property market.

Contact us !

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free valuation (*), we will get back to you within 24 hours! We share the same goal, to sell at the market price and in your best interest.

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(*) The valuation is free if the property is put up for sale (with or without exclusivity) in our agency. If the valuation is not for the purposes of selling your property, we will indicate the fee to be paid.