Living in the Dordogne

Living in the Dordogne

Living in the Dordogne

Living in the Dordogne

Living in the Dordogne


The Dordogne

Some general remarks

Dordogne, the former province of Périgord, is divided into four colours: black, green, purple and black. Four areas in one! Black Périgord with Sarlat as its capital is the most appreciated for its quality of life and the nearby valley of the river Dordogne.
Men have been living in Périgord from prehistoric times because of its climate, limestone plateaux, beautiful valleys and rivers. The generations have succeeded each other in these fertile and harmonious landscapes. They have built castles, manors and charming villages with yellow sandstone walls and lauze roofs (flat stones). Truffles, walnuts, tobacco and mushrooms of all sorts are grown in the fertile soil that Nature has given to this region. The people living in the region breed ducks and geese which are used to make the foie gras, fillets of duck breast and preserves which have given our gastronomy a worldwide reputation.

A good place to live

Our region offers a wide range of advantages and everyone finds his place. Many elements contribute to the appreciable quality of life:

  • The pleasant climate and gentle pace of life.
  • The region’s rural nature gives it an extremely calm and peaceful atmosphere.
  • Nature is everywhere and all powerful. If you like to walks in the forest and a gentle way of life, you will find it here.
  • You will be delighted by the quality of produce to be found at the frequent traditional markets or in the local shops.
  • Culture is to be found at the well-established theatre and film festivals regularly held in Sarlat.
  • The Vézère valley, listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO with its prehistoric caves, museums and fortified houses.
  • The presence of the Dordogne valley which beckons towards the sea.


A top tourist destination with Sarlat at its centre

Sarlat is a sub-prefecture of the Dordogne department. The town is situated:

A day in Sarlat in 90 seconds 

Going up in Sarlat’s Panoramic Lift

Sarlat draws visitors all year round and a wide range of all kinds of activities is available in each season. The town’s programme includes many events and in particular:

Sarlat is a well-preserved historic town while at the same time not far from the large urban centres. As Alphonse Allais from Honfleur said, it is a town in the country !