Legal obligations

Legal obligations

The vendor’s legal obligations

Obligations légales du vendeur

Legal obligations

We will assist you free of charge with all the vendor’s legal obligations and help you to negotiate the best prices for diagnostic tests. Your sale will be made in the best conditions.
What you need to know :
When selling a property the vendor is obliged to have a series of diagnostic tests carried out. Each property will need different tests based on the following characteristics,
• The property’s year of construction. There are three distinct periods: before 1949, between 1949 and 1 July 1997 and after 1 July 1997.
• The age of the gas and electric installations.
• The location of the property.
Contrary to the other surveys, the D.P.E. (Diagnostic de Performance Energétique) or Energy Diagnosis must be made as soon as your property is put up for sale or rental. It is in your interest to have all the surveys carried out as soon as the property is put on the market:
• for financial reasons (discounted price for surveys).
• to anticipate any problems and resolve them before the sale to facilitate the transaction.
• to act in all transparency with your professional partner(s) (agencies) and your future buyer.

A successful sale is one that has been well prepared and carried out on the basis of trust! We can help you by giving you the contact details of approved experts who will advise you and give you the best service in your sector.


The point of view of the National Institute of Consumer Affairs

Summary table of required obligations based on your property’s characteristics


Diagnosis Validity Sale Rental Characteristics Entry into force
diagnostic amaiante
unlimited x  – If the building permit predates 1997 1997
diagnostic loi carrez
unlimited x   All properties in co-ownership (horizontal and vertical) 1997
diagnostic gaz
3 years x  – For gas installations more than 15 years old 2007
diagnostic electricité
3 years x  – For electric installations more than 15 years old 2009
diagnostic termite
6 months x   To be carried out in specified communes 2000
diagnostic plomb
unlimited x If the building permit predates 1949 Sale: 2006
Rental: 2008
diagnostic dpe
10 years x Sale: 2006
Rental: 2007
diagnostic ernt
6 months x To be carried out in specified communes 2006


Sewerage: A sewerage inspection report dating from less than 3 years is obligatory. It must be given to the buyer when the preliminary sale agreement is signed. Your local town hall will provide details of the service to contact to have this inspection carried out. Do you want the help of an experienced professional ?

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